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01 March 2008

There’s a long story I posted to my blog about this, so once is back up, I’ll properly link it up, but here’s the gist:

After the idea and a month’s work in fabricating the sculpture, my friend Bryan and I snuck onto campus at 3 a.m., unloaded the sculpture into place in the middle of the Union parking lot, and hoped we wouldn’t get into any trouble (this was when we were students, not employees, of K-State). We were not sanctioned or solicited to place a sculpture there, but there had been an empty cement base for several years, so we didn’t see the harm.

Turned out, the sculpture remained. For several years. Then, in 2007, the university made plans to build a new parking garage over the lot that Sculpy stood. So, this time sanctioned by the university, my brother and dad and I, went and took Sculpy home.

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