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Essentials, 2009

Late last year there was a meme, likely started by Mark Pilgrim’s Essentials, 2008 post, on the indispensable software people use. Through a series of posts, I discovered a handful of terrific desktop & web applications that I’d never heard of before. Since then, I’ve been wanting to ...

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On Backups

I’m no stranger to heartbreaking data loss. And chances are, despite your prowess as a savvy computer user, you’re not either. Volatility is just part of the nature of digital data.

Most of my worst losses were the result of hard disk failures. I’d boot up my ...

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Doing good deeds

Growing up in the small town of Humboldt, KS, there was this little welding shop. It was just a two-man operation, there in the late 80s, building trailer hitches for ranchers and farmers. The hitch they made was something different, the first real innovation in that industry. Over the past ...

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On the redesign

Worksology is back! You’ve missed me, yes?

This redesign has taken more than three years to come to fruition. In the meantime, the site has been either completely broken or nothing more than a cold “on hiatus” message. In fairness, I’ve been busy: getting engaged & married, settling into ...

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