Snowmass Village, Colorado

Dick & Karen let us sleep in until nine before we dashed off to the Aspen Highlands for today’s adventure. From the highlands, we caught a short guided shuttle bus ride to the trailheads of the famous Maroon Bells, a few miles up a road with limited access in the peak summer months. The Maroon Bells are a series of bare red-colored mountain peaks, arranged as a small carillon, and flaunted as “Colorado’s Most Photographed Location.”

From Maroon Lake, veering off from Maroon Creek, we hiked towards the unimpressive Crater Lake, positioned at the foot of the Bells. The round-trip hike measured over three-miles and the journey was definitely the reward as Crater Lake paled in comparison to the sparkling Maroon Lake where the bus had dropped us off at. But indeed it was a good hike, a nice walk, and Adam and I had time to discuss some deep geological theories about the size of the Earth, its layers, erosion, the law of the conservation of matter, and the majesty of our dear Sun.

The hike took a couple hours and we were all hungry by the time we got back to the headlands, let alone back into Aspen village. Dick and Karen ate at Ajax Tavern, while us kids got some amazing wraps (soft-shell tacos for myself) at The Big Wrap. I also had the best smoothie of my life, a blend of mango, raspberry juice, banana and blueberries, to die for. The kids returned to the condo, tired, while Dick & Karen went on a scenic drive for a couple hours. I needed to do my journal (for yesterday), and do some little preparations for the last stretch of my journey, which I’ll take up again bright and early tomorrow morning.

Once D&K returned from their drive, we piled back into the car and drove to Woody Creek for an interesting and delicious supper. I had a wonderful blackened mahi-mahi filet, served with black beans and spanish rice.

Adam and I watched a little TV before going to bed — we’ve got to be up and ready to go very early tomorrow to leave by 7 a.m. I’ll be off to explore a long, meandering drive that I’ve pieced together on my road map; hopefully it’ll be a nice one. I’m excited to be back on the road, solo, keeping the journey alive for the last three days.



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