On Four Seasons

Besides the expected niceties of the Four Seasons Hotel, like superior customer service, luxurious bathrobes & linens, and a classic, cozy decor, there are a few things I never expected. First of all, they clean our room twice each day: once in the morning to do the standard room-reset, but also once each evening when they turn down the bed, close the window shades, and turn the radio to a classical music station. They also fill up our ice bucket each evening, so we can have a tall glass of ice water without wandering all the way down the hall to fetch ice in your pajamas, which is a pain in the ass, as you know.

They also pay very specific attention to personal belongings when cleaning: they wound up the cord to my cell phone charger; lined up the free magazines we got from SXSW, and folded our extra clothes and laid them across the chair.

This week, the Four Seasons is playing host to a morning radio show, who’s interviewing a variety of musicians and letting them play in a rather intimate setting. This morning Kris Kristopherson, who we saw out jogging the other morning, was playing “Me and Bobby McGee” as we left.



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