On Austin Cuisine

We’ve been eating sooooo good here in Austin.

On Sunday, for lunch, we ate at a little South American restaurant, Dona Emilias, just across the street from our hotel, where they were serving a Sunday brunch. Amazing. Best meal ever. Stewed pulled pork. Some crazy rice thing. Lox. Sausages. French toast. I say ordinary words, but what they were were FAR from ordinary. They were incredible.

But the problem was that we sat outside and Jessa got pooped on.


By birds, I mean.

Dona Emilias Sunday Brunch

Then for dinner, we went to a local Mexican place called Manuel’s and had “Austin’s Best Margaritas”, which I later found out were NOT Austin’s best margaritas, nor were their tostadas Austin’s best tostadas, but they were pretty dang good. Jessa had tacos, and they looked tasty as well.

For lunch on Monday, we ate at PF Chang’s with 5 other friends, and shared some dishes. A girl from New Zealand and I shared Sweet & Sour Chicken and Honey Shrimp, both of which were grand. Jessa and Pat, the kilted fellow from a couple posts ago, shared some lettuce wrap things, and a vegetable coconut curry dish.

Monday’s “dinner” was a variety of finger-food at a Blogger-sponsored party at the Club Deville, including mini lox, cream cheese and dill sandwiches, sushi, fancy deviled eggs, stuffed prunes, fresh fruit, huge friggin shrimp, chocolate cake, lemon bars, and more. And by “and more” I mean an open bar with Austin’s legitimate best margaritas.

On to Tuesday!

Dave Lowe, Scott Jungling, a fellow from the University of Virginia, and Jessa & I lucked into a cheesesteak restaurant with a Texas spin called Texadelphia. Most of the cheesesteak sandwiches were typical, but with the green peppers replaced by jalapenos. They also served chicken cheesesteaks, spicy fries, and chips and salsa.

Oh lord, and then came dinner. We’ve been craving big city sushi ever since we went to Las Vegas and didn’t get any. So before we left Austin, we were sure as heck gonna get some! We went to Kyoto, a place on Capitol Street that the hotel’s concierge recommended. Somehow we made it during “Sushi Happy Hour” and got to sit in the raised, bamboo-floored dining room, where you have to remove your shoes and sit on the floor. The sushi was incredible — tender and delicious — and the wasabi was intense! Best of all, though, we made it out (stuffed!) for just $20.



  1. Jamin

    20 March 2006

    Couldn’t find a contact form, so I’m using the comments. ;)

    Good meeting you at SXSW. I saw you in a photo posted by Jason Santa Maria on Flickr.


  2. Joshua Works

    ⚡ Officious badass ⚡

    20 March 2006

    Very cool! Thanks, Jamin. Nice to meet you as well.

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