We Are In Motion

We are in motion, and no day illustrates that better than today. We’re leaving for Las Vegas today. We did it the same time last year, and for the same reasons. But last night was not a normal night of anxiety over whether I packed all the right things and whether I knew the route and whether we’d actually make it on time. This time I’ve had much more to worry about.

It’s most easily explained by just saying this: Today, I’m buying a new car.

But it’s been tremendously more difficult, much more so than you might even expect from such a weighty decision. Everything’s down to the wire: waiting on a certain check to clear the bank so I have cash for a down payment (not sure that’s happened yet); shopping and buying new insurance (after finding their office ‘closed’ today, I finally found their new office & picked it up effortlessly); securing financing. Here’s where it gets messy.

They assumed my 24-year-old self would have at least the bare minimum of credit history to secure a loan through their preferred bank. Wrong. So in the last 15 minutes of the business day yesterday, I had the daunting task of tracking down one of my parents (who are in LV already at SEMA), and get a SSN. I barely squeaked it in, but they called me back soon after to let me know that, oops, they’d have to be here in person anyway, so that won’t work. So then it was a race to track down three personal references, a copy of my diploma, and a phone number for the KSU registrar, in order to get approved for VW’s Recent Grad financing program. A last option.

So last night was actually fraught with thoughts of whether I’m actually going to be able to get my new car before we have to take off to LV. At this point, 11:11 a.m., I still have an appointment to pick it up at 1p.m. (we’re leaving at 3p.m.), but no confirmation that I’ve secured the financing to do so.

Meanwhile, Bryan is driving to KC to pick up his friend Amanda who’s joining us on our roadtrip. He should be back any minute, just in time for two afternoon meetings which ultimately stacked our departure at around three this afternoon.

That leaves me with forty five minutes to hear whether I’ve actually gotten a new car today, and then make the trip to Topeka to pick it up. The alternative is just to saddle up my current car, and see how it handles the drive. It’s got a mad case of the ‘aging car jitters’ and I really didn’t want to push it across the Rockies unless I put some new tires on it, so if the new car deal falls through, we’ll just have to see how well it skis.

Surely the most interesting part of this post are the details about the new vehicle: It’s not actually new, but a 2004 will be the most-recently-manufactured car I’ll have owned. It’s just an upgrade to a newer Passat that I just cannot deny fits me like a glove. There are a half dozen other vehicles that I can picture myself in, but none have that thing (doo wop) to get me interested enough.

It’s loaded with leather and all the amenities you can imagine, including an eight-cylinder engine that you’ll just die to drive if I ever give you the chance. Color? Not exactly sure. I was there in Topeka and saw it face to face. It was simply called ‘blue’ then, but in the light-dark realm, I’m now at a complete loss. My memory is giving out. I recall that it had a tinge of green and was “grayish” but that, again, hasn’t helped me find any pictures on the internet that are definitely ‘it’.

I’m down to 36 minutes to hear whether I need to make the trip to Topeka and back, and my fingernails are officially gone. I’ll post pictures if this deal ever happens.

Update Just got word from the car salesman that everything’s peachy; I’ve been approved, the car’s detailed, tank’s filled and ready for delivery. So I would hit the road immediately, but that I’m waiting on a call back from Commerce Bank on whether that certain check has cleared yet. If so, everything’s gumdrops and candy lace, but if not… I’d have no idea what to do. I could take my chances and write a check and hope they clear in the right order; I could ask the dealership whether I could post-date my down payment a couple days (I don’t suspect a car dealership would go for that sorta thing), I could make the dearship finance a larger portion of the cost (ouch!), or I could call the whole thing off (which would tear me to peices). Praying I don’t have to decide…

Update 2 Nevermind; the check cleared and the hold is being dropped. Hooray.



  1. Jeff Croft

    16 November 2005

    You get 100 points for your Lauryn Hill reference. That was hot.

    I just popped by to see if you were getting anything going here yet — I love the look of the new homepage. Keep it up, man! Going to be great!

  2. Joclyn

    07 February 2006

    So….what kind of car? =)

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