Savannah Vacation

Today Jessa & I are taking a vacation. We’re leaving this afternoon (though later than I’d hoped) towards our first stop in St. Louis. Because Savannah, our ultimate destination, is so far away (on the ocean!), we’re really not going to have time to do as much of the leisurely sightseeing that I generally like to do in my travels. If I had it my way, we’d stay up tonight with a walk around the Arch and then hit a museum or something tomorrow morning, but because we’re not visiting St. Louis, it’ll just be an early morning back on the road.

And so it’ll be for much of the trip, sans Savannah, I think. After St. Louis, we plan on camping out at a state park in Georgia, the High Falls State Park, before heading on to camp another night on Tybee Island, just beyond Savannah. The next two nights we have reservations at the Westin Savannah Harbor Resort which will allow us to take it easy and relax and just walk around Savannah’s parks and gardens and enjoy as much seafood and southern cookin’ as our bellies can stand.

Then the route back depends on if we’re dying to drive through the Great Smoky Mountains National Par or not. It’s either that or Nashville and it’s really a toss-up as far as I’m concerned.

So we’re off now — I’m not sure if I’ll be keeping a journal or not (dang, I really should be), but we’ll see. If so, check back here for that.

By the way, it’s a week after I interviewed for the full-time job at OME and I’ve heard nothing - absolutely nothing so far. And now I’m leaving on vacation & so hopefully I can just put it out of my mind until I get back.



  1. Chris

    27 May 2005

    Regarding Smoky Mountain National Park, if you take the loop to see Cade’s Cove, be prepared for traffic that moves at an extremely leisurely pace. If it’s really bad, it’s not worth the effort.

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