Almost, almost.

Tonight I’m neglecting studying for the “last time.” (quotes are due to Tony’s insistence that I never say I’m done with school — least not at 24). Oh my god, I’m 24. And I’m done with school.

Well almost: tomorrow’s my final final exam and I haven’t started studying yet. I started my finals week with an exam on Wednesday, and the 3 hours I spent at the library immediately before it helped immeasurably. Then Billy and I sealed up my last group project (the world hunger one I mentioned earlier: we determined that the root cause of the world’s hunger problems lies in the fact that multinational corporations export any potential revenues the countries have so that even their Net National Product cannot cover the interest payments on their loans to the World Bank. Any and all undesirable effects associated or leading up to world hunger & malnutrition stem from this one fact — or so we concluded, heh. All of that for a couple guys who started the project as a joke, knowing absolutely nothing about it, and doing the whole thing in a matter of 5 or 6 hours.)

But tomorrow, after my Human Resources exam (and a few hours of reading and studying beforehand), I will wash myself of my undergraduate education with a couple summer beers (or too many?). Then, for the weekend, Jessa, Cody & I will join the REST of the Works gang in Humboldt for just a little fellowship. Every last one of us will be there, lemme list them: Dad Mom Beth Steve Seth Tony Kate Eli James Andrea Britnee Josh and Jessa and Cody will make 14, and a bit of fun, I’m sure. Nothing particular in the plans, just Humboldt’s graduation (because I’m forsaking mine, if only to get away from Manhattan during the busiest day of the year). Maybe that’s not a wise decision, but it’s mine and it’s made.



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