Hello, I'm still alive.

Hello, everyone. Sorry for the extended vacation. As you can probably guess, I’m so-called busy. But to top that off, I’m also a wee bit sick… you know, one of those little cold things I always seem to have. Ugh.

I just spent this past weekend in Fort Worth with James at a Championship Bull Riding event, so I owe a full pictorial of that, and I promise I WILL deliver. I should probably also come up with some excuse, too, why I’ve been so absent lately. Surely I have something more concrete than “busy” to explain all of that.

But for now, it’s all apologies — beyond the cold, the B&W newsletter that I just finished (4 days late), and missing the hell out of a certain someone, I’ve gotta spend my whole night studying for a Supply Chain Management exam that completely slipped my mind. It’s a special test because I’m completely not prepared, and because it’s the only test in the class before the final. So for the next several hours, I’m going to learn about Supply Chains from Google (because I didn’t buy the book.) Hehe…. thanks for your best luck wishes.



  1. Anthony Works

    14 March 2005

    So nice of you to miss me so much. Good luck with the exam. I think I learned all my Family Law in one night over google.

    Your brother, Tony

  2. Bryan

    14 March 2005

    awww… that is so sweet that you missed me that much when i am just in the other room. don’t be afriad to stop by and say….hello

  3. ell

    15 March 2005

    along with chevy chase, phil donahue, and mrs. doubtfire, BTK also wears mormon glasses.

    love, ell

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