A Difficult Birth

Astride this terrible gap in my most recent web development project, aka Project Rework, where my website will slowly go from looking like total crap to something more beautiful, I’m pretty much (exactly) absent from blogging.

But today I decided it was about time that I put some notables down for the database to gobble up and save for eternity. Some happenings of recent:

  • Today Bryan and I signed a new lease. For the past three years we’ve lived in the same place, mostly just comfortable to deal with the status quo and not have to put all the effort into moving (moving, mail forwarding, transfering utilities, finding a place). But three years was plenty. We’ve both got full-time, well-paying jobs and there’s no reason to live in the ghetto student housing and deal with all of its niceties any longer.

    So we’ve upgraded to Georgetown Apartment Homes, a place DESIGNED for young professionals such as ourselves. I think they’ve got a few units set aside for students, but they’ve got a 20 & over policy and, regardless, probably price themselves out of most of the student interest. We went in over lunch today, had a look around, talked over availability and signed a lease on the spot. Our unit, their nicest, faces inward to a beautiful green courtyard and pool, has tall vaulted ceilings, a wood-burning fireplace, two bedrooms with connected baths, and lots of storage. Oh yeah, and an ice maker. Thank god.

    We’re excited. Even though lately there was some talk about whether this was the time for us to separate, get our own places (probably because I’ve been spending much less time around home, always out doing something with Jessa), we’re very much excited about making the transition to luxury living conditions. And that will obviously require another roadtrip to IKEA later this summer.

    We move in on the 28th, which gives us about 3 days overlap in leases, plenty of time to move across town.

  • My job is going very well. I’m as busy as I can stand in my current situation (I’ll get to this in a minute), but it’s good work and I’ll get everything sorted out soon enough. I’m working on hiring a student or two to help out with my work, and so hopefully I can find the right couple of people to join my team.

    I’m a little rattled lately because I’ve had to move out of my beautiful, large office (with a view!) and downstairs into the room known as “the cave” because it was windowless up until last month. I’m supposed to be getting a proper office very soon — once the wall we’ve ordered gets built and installed and the furniture I’ve hand-selected gets delivered, but until then I’m stuck in a brightly-fluorescent-lit room with five students at a teensy desk that barely holds my monitor & laptop at the same time. To make it worse (oh you’ll love this), I’ve got a bunch of new toys still in their boxes right behind said tiny desk. Get this: TWO, I repeat TWO 20” Apple Displays, a HP color printer, a new wireless keyboard/mouse combo, and, of course, my new Powerbook laptop. Most of it is just sitting there until I get my furniture and actually have room to put it all up. But once I do, my god it’s going to be beautiful and I’m going to get so much work done.

  • Jessa & I are still doing great. Like I mentioned before, we spend almost all of our time together, facilitated by the fact that we work in the same building. Our weekends for the next two months are all but completely booked up with family functions: a graduation party for me & Tony, a Wollen trip to Colorado, her sister’s bachelorette party, shower, and wedding (3 separate weekends), and a PBR trip. We’ve been busy past weekends too, visiting family in Humboldt and Kansas City, playing with baby Eli (such an adorable! boy) and a bunch of other things I’m not remembering about because I haven’t been keeping a proper journal lately. =(

    Cody loves Taco Bell. It’s the cutest thing in the world, and I love it.

    Oh, and this past Tuesday, July 5, we went (Jessa & I + Bryan & guest) to a big concert at $and$tone with some great bands, best of all: Cake. Gotta love them, for seriously. Also there: Straylight Run, Weezer, Story of the Year, Veda, and some other locals. Good times.

  • Otherwise things are going well. I’m coping well with the transition to not having a single free minute in the day. I’m up early in the morning and generally on the go til I crash around midnight. It’s making the progress on my personal website project go very slowly, but that was sorta the whole point of doing it this very exposed way. It’ll come together eventually, I’m sure.



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