New Living Room

I promise to recap my business trip to Washington D.C. later this week, but to not go another day without a post, I figured I’d share a little spring cleaning project that Bryan and I did last weekend. For the 28 months that we’ve lived in our apartment, we’ve had the living room situated just so. We’ve switched around the couch and futon once, but that’s hardly a rearrangement. But last Friday we got the idea to, well, mirror our entire living room by swapping the positions of each piece of furniture.

The decision wasn’t spurred by the thought that it would make things more comfortable or efficient or anything, just something different. I guess we did look forward to rewiring all of our equipment, and try to hide it all behind the shelving, but that was merely a benefit of moving everything, and not a per se impetus.

The result is quite nice - no big advantage or disadvantage, really, but the wiring efficiency was really worth it. It looks good. Plus, we have all our computer/ networking equipment in the corner together, so it’s easier to mess around with. The only thing I’ve been disappointed with is that now I can’t see the TV from the kitchen, a miserable side effect that I’ll just have to get used to.

At any rate, it won’t last that long. Our lease is up on 7/31/2005 and we’re not renewing. That much is for sure.

PS. Click the picture for the full panorama.



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