Prelated Birthday

I’m just going to assume “prelated” is a word. Whatever. This weekend I went to Kansas City to do some shopping, see my newest nephew, and celebrate my birthday with my family.

Mom & Dad came up with my car, which had been at home ever since I came back to school on the 3rd of January — the single longest span of time I’ve been away from my car, ever. It had a pretty major problem with some part whose name I don’t even know, and so we had it replaced at some import car place around LaHarpe. And if you know anything about La Harpe, it’s that “import cars” doesn’t really make sense around there. But they got the job done I guess, and it runs pretty nicely. It smells like cow poo, I fucking kid you not, but that’s to be expected, I suppose.

me and eli

So we swapped cars (I’d been driving her VW Bug for the past 3 weeks and, quite frankly, was almost getting over the embarassment) and did a bunch of shopping at the mall. For my birthday, we went suit shopping at Banana Republic and I got a beautiful brown striped suit, a shirt, and a couple new ties. We also had to get me some brown dress shoes, since that’s what a brown suit calls for. All these incidentals, just for buying a brown suit, geez. I also got a Tumi garment bag, a replacement of a Christmas present gone awry. So for shopping, it was a quite fruitful day!

Then, to “celebrate” the birthday, we went to Macaroni Grill and had dinner. Sarah joined us for the whole day, all through shopping and baby Eli and dinner. Eli sure seemed to love her.

Tony & I swapped music at the end of the night — I gained exactly 500 new songs, mostly some Jazz and Classical pieces that will be really nice to have, which puts me right around 6600 total songs.

I guess this puts my birthday at a week away, and I really couldn’t care less. Maybe I’ve just got so much going on at work-work and school and freelance-work that trivial birthdays don’t make much difference to me (who wants to be 24?).

I don’t.



  1. rachael

    01 February 2005

    wow…24…sounds old…i have about 2.8 years….but eh…who’s counting…

  2. Ryan.m.

    01 February 2005

    I had just found that suit last week on their website and I was (and still am) trying to figure out how I can afford it in time for a wedding this summer; I should’ve known you’d see it too!

  3. Britney

    02 February 2005

    I think you should celebrate your birthday by getting a pie in the face!

  4. ell

    03 February 2005

    happy birthday jay. miss you.

    love, ell

  5. ~*~RACHAEL~*~

    03 February 2005

    Very cute picture with your nephew…I just became an aunt again in November but don’t get to see her very much. Lucky Josh. I bet you can’t wait till you have your own little works running around….

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