This, fellow and forthcoming students, is how college is done

Today is the Wednesday before dead week — my last dead week ever. And with tonight’s efforts, I’m aiming to make it as dead as possible. Indeed, my entire semester has genuinely been a dead semester and I really haven’t pushed much effort into my scholastic responsibilities. I’m just tired of it and have been ready to get out and wash myself of college for the past four months. Just sick. Which is strange and sad too because I can remember pitying my friend Thomas when he was just so digusted with school and saying ‘good riddance’ to everything related to school and Mr. M. Chilton. I remember thinking that I’d never be so eager to get it over with; that I’d in fact be sad to close the door on such a fun and important part of my life.

But so it goes.

Tonight I found out how last week’s potentially disastrous exam went. All’s well. Even though I had produced almost no notes at all, and of what I had, hadn’t really studied them, I managed to pull off one of the better grades in the class (maybe it was the best?). Out of 130 points, and with a class average of 110, I got a 124, or a 95%. Fairly impressive considering that, well, just minutes before the exam was returned to us, I was thinking how bad it would be to get a C in the class, since I don’t have any of those on my transcript yet.

And so it goes.

Also, tonight I’m working my butt off to clean the slate in almost all of my other classes. Billy & I met directly after class to write a proposal for a Final Project (in lieu of a Final Exam) that we’ll have to do over the next two weeks. It’s basically a project to pick a conflict and use the Theory of Constraints’ tools we’ve learned about to find a win-win solution to it. Dr. Sheu prodded us to pick something complex enough that we can find many undesireable effects, etc. That is, not to choose something like: “I wanna go to the bars on Thursday but my girlfriend says ‘no’”. Our topic: World Hunger.


Then my Supply Chain Management group met for 20 minutes to divide up the slides for a presentation we’re giving tomorrow morning during class, and I’m in the middle of preparing some notes for my two slides.

Finally, I’m in the middle of writing a paper for my Human Resources class (another group project) that will nearly close out any lingering worries for my college career.

So all in all, it’s getting pretty close to being over. Just three weeks, some papers and a couple exams, and I’m loos’d of my role as a college student. And what a sad day that will be.



  1. Anthony Works

    28 April 2005

    Today is the Wednesday before dead week — my last dead week ever.”

    Never say “ever.”

    But seriously, I know how you feel. I’m down to my last 3 projects (finished next Wednesday), and then a take home final (due Friday, the 13th). Having stretched my post-secondary education to cover as many years as prior schooling (12, 1992-2005), it’s not necessarily a “good riddance” type of feeling, but a numb, benign weariness. It’s the beloved guest that has stayed a day too long; or it’s the last mile from home of a long vacation. Or maybe at this point, it’s just denial—waiting for the ghost pains of an amputated limb (maybe that’s what the bar exam is like?).

    Anyway, congratuations again.


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