Makings of a Disaster

Tonight I have one of the most intimidating exams of my college career. I’m surprisingly relaxed. Here’s the deal:

It’s for a class called “The Application of the Theory of Constraints” and tonight’s test represents the ONLY exam we’ll have in the class all semester. It’s also open-book, open-notes. And that’s probably why I’m relaxed, but probably not for very good reason. Open-book exams are notorious for being especially difficult. This one will probably be particularly difficult considering we don’t even have a textbook. We have a novel; a 280-page novel with all the fluff of a novel (spousal fights, descriptions of coffee) and so rooting out the appropriate answer to an essay question might prove to be too time-consuming.

The other thing that makes me nervous is that I have only taken 6 pages of notes all semester. If I had known our exam would allow them — then it’d probably be a different story.



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