It’s April 7th, and I’m finally feeling a breeze of fresh air in my life. My “deadlines” at work were all last Friday, April 1st, and they were met, more or less, as expected. There’s still an unbelievable amount of work to be done, and there’s no honest end in sight, but at least our application and designs are coming together to something functional and semi-good looking. I’m still likely to feel stressed-out and over-utilized at work, but I’m enjoying that — sure beats the hell out of being under-utilized and worthless. Plus, it’s nice to have my own office for a while (as shown), which I neither deserve or expect, but at least with the responsibilities pressed upon me, I can sorta legitimize it all.

my office

School is still being neglected — I went to 2 of my week’s 5 classes, one of which was a Human Resources exam that I think I did pretty well on. Surprisingly well for the effort, actually. I also wrote my part of a huge group project paper, about 7 pages was my bit, on how to forge and maintain Supplier Relationships. The deadline for that was Tuesday, with the thought that we could put it all together into a proper paper by this weekend, when a couple other people in our group would make a presentation out of it for NEXT Tuesday. But turns out that one of the girl’s in our group is having surgery on her knee next Tuesday so our presentation (and paper) is not going to be due until April 29 or something beautiful like that.

I’m quite stoked for this weekend, starting tomorrow, because my sister Beth is back in Humboldt with Seth and so the girl and I are going to take a roadtrip to Humboldt to spend the weekend. It seemed like a good opportunity, while everyone is at home and together, for us to go down and for me to introduce her. I think we’ll have fun, all us kids together. Maybe we can think of something, uh, 20-something-esque to do. But then again, there are a lot of babies in my family now and some of the sibs are 30-somethings (hehee), so maybe just sitting around the living room will be enough. We’ll bring some wine.

Meanwhile, B&W is having their annual bass tournament on Saturday morning, so we’re thinking about getting up at the crack of dawn to eat breakfast at the shop, as they all head out to fish. Dad & Seth are thinking of entering as a team (photo opportunity) and I think it might be fun (depending on the weather, of course) to try a bit of fishing too. I also want to go hiking towards the river and maybe take the girl out on the tractor if that sorta thing is possible and if it won’t give the complete wrong-impression of my family (fishing, tractors, dirt bike, guns, hell we’re almost halfway to NASCAR). There’s been some talk of celebrating my Grandma’s birthday in Ottawa too on Sunday, but the excitement there is that my mom wants to bring the Model T Ford home, so I’m kinda excited about that! What fun Sunday drives we could have! Unfortunately, we’ll be on our way back to Manhattan by then.

In other exciting news: Bryan & I are back at playing softball. This year the XA team schedule didn’t work for us, so Bryan made his own team of coworkers (of which I am), so we’ve got a fairly decent team, and it’ll be fun to get out on the field at least a few times this spring. We’ve already lost our first two games, so I’m sure it’ll be a short season.

We’ve also applied for a lease at a different apartment complex. Believe it or not, but by August of this year, we’ll have lived in our current location for 3 years! It’s kinda sick. We’re just ready for a change. I’m honestly ready for a bigger change, but at the same time, things are going well for me in Manhattan, and I’m comfortable and happy and learning a lot, and I think it would hurt nothing to just sit put for a while — another year or so. So we’re very close to signing a lease at Founders Hill Apartments, a complex that just went up last year and — at the time — was pretty much the nicest option for apartments in Manhattan. Our specific apartment would be a third (top) floor, corner apartment facing the Football stadium (though you couldn’t see a thing, seriously), and we’re just excited about neutral colored flooring, white walls, modern appliances, and a bit more room (walk-in closets). It’ll be a nice step up, at not much of a increased-burden on the pocket book either (especially if I can land a decent paying job, ya know).

So that’s all for now… I think things might be more conducive for me to update now & then in the near future, so don’t think this is my bi-weekly, apologetic post, just to keep this thing alive.



  1. Angie

    10 April 2005

    Hi! I haven’t talked to you in a long time, so I’ve just been checking in once in a while to see what’s new. I just wanted to let you know I like how you’ve designed your website this time. I hope to hear from you someday soon! Until then, take care and live happily:)

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