London Update Preview Preface Look-Ahead


London is as beautiful as ever. We’ve had excellent weather (with 10-minute rain spells folded in) and things have gone smoothly.

We’ve had four site visits so far (Chicago Board of Trade, Hilton International, Consumers Union, and Peter Jones Department Store) and most of them have been satisfactorily entertaining (tho some not).

I’m getting on semi-well with the other K-Staters and had a non-sleeping pleasant ride across the Atlantic with a cute girl from Michigan.

Tonight we saw Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesties Theatre. It was PHENOMENAL. Lovely.

I see Hayley Westenra is in concert in other towns in England. Will check on those later.

Out of time on the Internet. Will update when possible.

Love all.




  1. Laura Tembreull

    29 March 2004

    so how was that plane ride? i know i had a very good time!

    Love, Laura

  2. you know who

    30 March 2004

    i love you too josh

  3. Jesse Ehlen

    30 March 2004

    Post London summary:

    Jet-lag is the devil. HMV’s Greatest Crooners Collection has scored a huge hit in my book. My drycleaning bill is going to be outrageous. People need to stop asking me if I ate “tea and crumpets.” Jen, the nurse from Washington, e-mailed me today. Laurie and Liz had an interesting stay in Detroit (details available upon request).

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