Cereal Innovation

I eat a lot of cereal. I’ve watched billions of variations of cereals come and go. These variations tend to be just minor color or shape changes to existing cereals (e.g. Lucky Charms adding Pink Hearts, Purple Horseshoes, Blue & Yellow Moons; Red & Orange Balloons, Blue, Yellow & Pink Rainbows, Yellow & White Shooting Stars, Light Green Hats with Dark Green Clovers, Orange & Yellow Pots of Gold, and so on) or what I call Pop Culture Pops, where a cereal is created for a temporary time based on some cultural phenomenon ala Shrek, Animaniacs, and we could never forget: Quentin Tarantino & Pulp Fiction’s Pumpkin and Honey Bunnies.

Anyway, the point is that a revolution in cereal doesn’t come around very often. But lately I’ve noticed that more and more boxes (especially General Mills’ cereals) are coming with a new Cereal Box Closing Mechanism, without requiring you to punch out that serarrated slit that’s the culprit of two decades of minor paper cuts.

The new CBCM is shaped just so the flaps fit perfectly together and interlock, keeping your Cheerios seriously crisp and fresh for weeks on end.

Which would be great if I didn’t eat a whole box in a single sitting. You know.



  1. Ryan M. Scarrow

    06 June 2004

    From one cereal connoisseur to another, I hear you on the eating entire boxes at one setting. Cereal is my lunch/dinner almost every single day, and it doesn’t help that I have a dedicated bowl just for cereal (a big, deep yellow ceramic one that easily holds a few cups at a time). I’ve noticed the new flaps on Multi-Bran Chex as well, and I think it is absolutely wonderful, as my problem with the punch-out slits was not so much paper cuts but the end result of practically tearing the entire lid apart. Course it’s not like I needed the cereal to last for very long either, so there you go.

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