Apologies, Things I've Forgotten, and Other Reasons You Can Bite Me

I don’t ramble enough. In the good ol’ days, I’d sit down and punch out some daily ramblings almost every day, no matter how dull or narcissistic the subject happened to be. These days, though, I have to ford the cobwebs just to begin. I’m not lingering on banal minutiae anymore. Or so it would seem.

In reality, almost everything about me screams “banal” or “minutiae,” but I just haven’t provided myself with enough incentive to sit down and scratch my daily trivialities into history. On the upside of this trend, though, is that it seems I’ve written this post over and over in the past. I’ve sat down and said “I don’t write enough. I’m sorry. I’ve really dropped the ball this time. Sorry it’s been so long. Well, I’m back.” But I’d write that every 3 days or so. Now we’re used to it. So it’s different. But not really. Now I’m missing writing about big events:

The PBR event a month ago, that I promised to write a full recapitulation of:

It was awesome. Sarah and I spent the entire second night up behind the chutes. We were on the JumboTron maybe 20 times that night, especially during the introductions. We got backstage passes that pretty much allowed us anywhere — all around the tunnels of Kemper Arena, into the cowboys locker room, down by the bull chutes. We saw so many famous riders and personalities (Justin McKee, Leah Garcia, Brett Baher…) and got to talk to so many of them as well. It was all very exciting.

She's not THAT drunk

We got to meet Dusty too. He didn’t do all that well, but he was quite a guy, and Britnee showed her support with her two “I Love Dusty” T-shirts (which she got signed). Sarah made a huge sign that said “B&W Loves Dusty” (an offshoot of the B&”W fan club t-shirts we made saying “JAY LOVES B&W, etc). We were on TV. A little bit. Trivial.

Annie Last weekend I went and saw Annie at Starlight with James, Andrea, and Sarah. It was a last minute thing, really. I hadn’t planned on going because my first exam was on Monday, and those shows call for really really late nights. Just ask Sarah, who had to drive all the way back to Wichita (got there around 2:30) and then had to get up for work the next morning. Trivial.

Annie was excellent, though. Heaps and leaps and bounds above and beyond and tomorrow, tomorrow, better than Cats. I swear I’ve seen it at Starlight before. I said it even before I went to the show and I’m sticking by that even more now that I have. I’m just sure of it. Can’t say when, though, and I’m not exactly sure how to find out.

Classes Classes are still going well. I’m thinking this might end up as my most enjoyed semester of all (and not just because it’s my last). Both classes are fascinating. The Sex class is fascinating for obvious reasons. Some theories we learn are a little “out there” (yeah, I’m talking to you feminists), but the rest are quite interesting. The professor knows what he’s talking about, but is geeky enough it’s always novel to hear him say some of the things he says. Like /”slut.”

The operations management class is equally as interesting, but in an entirely different way. I won’t even begin to explain which one is more stimulating, but let’s just say this class has all but convinced me I’ll still be here at K-State next May. You’ll see what I mean in a minute. If you’re not sure, an operations class teaches things like: project management (scheduling activities that result in a large, unique outcome); quality management (how to measure quality, Total Quality Management, sampling); production (Theory of Constraints, scheduling processes, global optimization), and so on. I love it.

My future I really do. I really do love it, and I’ve looked into the Operations Management track and found that it’d only take 18 more credit hours to get a second degree in that (as opposed to 30 for the Finance degree). I can be certain that I can finish up these 18 hours in two semesters, so I’m highly considering that as my next move. Someone once told me that the strongest dual-major is MIS and Ops Management, and that’s what I’d have. Sounds good to me.

The Ops track would add the following courses to my repetoire: Economics of Transportation Personnel and Human Resources Management Operations Planning and Control Management of Quality Project Management Supply Chain Management

And since 9 hours a semester is a pretty light load, I’m wondering whether my free time would best be optimized with some miscellaneous Finance courses, work at DCE, or an internship elsewhere (perhaps, with the financial planners I interviewed with a few months ago?).

So that’s my outlook as of this minute, and I’m looking for critical feedback, since I don’t seem to know what I’m doing.

Worksology.com I’ve obviously been tweedling with the design a bit. I don’t have time for big overhauls like I’ve done two or three times in the past, so things will be incremental. Let me know if something obviously sucks. Or better yet: bite me.



  1. Andrea

    16 July 2004

    I think you should consider a career in interior decorating.

  2. Sare W.

    20 July 2004

    Thanks for fun pbr night. It was awzum! also, interior decorating would suit you. i agree.

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