Dear Westminster Abbey:

I just received an email earlier with the name of the hotel — Westminster Hotel — that I’ll be put up in while I’m visiting London in March. It’s a beautiful row of former Victorian town houses that look out onto a green garden square. Positioned in Bayswater, just between Hyde Park and Notting Hill, it’ll be a fresh perspective for me for exploring London.

Normally — while in London — I’ve been homed in, well, sort of the opposite corner of town, way down south beyond the London Bridge. This is more of the upper west part of London, beyond Picadilly Circus. This is almost as far away from the city center as I’ve strayed — save that rainy day we perused the market rows of Notting Hill — so I think this will be lots of fun.

Included in the email was a bit of information about the format of the trip:

We’ll fly over on Friday, arriving on Saturday and spending Sunday adjusting to the jet lag (and certainly visiting Speaker’s Corner!!! in Hyde Park). From Monday thro Thursday we’ll spend all morning and afternoon in meeting and visits to various London businesses and financial markets. After 3 p.m. on those days, I think we get free reign of the city so maybe I’ll get a chance to show some of the newbies around or explore new territory myself.

They have a few evening activities planned, including a trip to a musical (undetermined), but I’ll probably make my own fun otherwise.

The second weekend is also up to us, and maybe — just maybe — I’ll get to make my long anticipated trip out to Stonehenge and that big cathedral that’s around there somewhere. Heh.

Anyway, I haven’t been excited at all about this trip until this email just arrived and I got a little bit of finite details that sort of confirms where and that I’m actually going. Fun.

But true: I’ve still got six weeks to go and I’m sure there will be very few breakthroughs til then.



  1. laura golay

    04 February 2004

    possibly i could fit in your carry-on. sounds like a ball. :)


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