Patience, my children

I’m having troubles with all sorts of things. Whenever things of this sort happens, my legs get weak and all I want to do is lay on the couch and be lazy and soak my worries up with high definition tv. This excuse only makes up for one day of my lack of updates. The other 8 days or so are due to my vacation with Tony and Kate to Colorado last week. We relaxed it up, did some hiking, some golf, and took a little trip to Taos. For most of the time, we didn’t have internet access, cell phone reception, and the TV was really small — all which made for a more relaxing vacation.

But let’s get back to my problems. My laptop died two weeks ago — I was able save all my data, which is a huge relief, but the computer is still dead and so I’m not able to immediately get to some of my important programs: Adobe Pagemaker for the B&W newsletter supposed to be done today; and more importantly (ahem), my photo editing software so I can include photos in my Colorado trip recap.

There are long ways around these problems, but they’re, well, long. So patience, please. I appreciate it.



  1. mike works

    07 September 2004

    Josh, absolutely unbelievable. I am changing my route to Chanute next week just to see the thing. I would be happy to lead the “Save Sculpy” petition and sit-out if they threaten to take him down.

    By the way, if you ever get the urge to do more sculptures, we’d love some in the backyard.

    Finally, my wife tells me that if we get your name for Christmas (As we always do) that she still will think it wierd if you ask for the “Art of Kissing” or some other pseudo-sexual items. Just let me know what you want, I’ll take care of it.

    For now.

    Mike & Kelly

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