I’m in desperate need of some creative outlets. One might think that this website should be the perfect solution — it’s entirely my domain, I have full reign, the number of web-accessible media is nearly endless — so surely, I could purge this creative energy out in some form here. I just don’t have any ideas.

My coursework in those few remaining classes leaves very little room for creativity: my stats homework and quantitative management assignments are purely number, algorithms, spewing back definitions and such. Finance is mostly the same way, except we have a little chance for individual creativity in a paper we have to write on some aspect of finance with information gleaned from at least 8 current Wall Street Journal (or similar) articles.

The only class where some bit of creativity was expected (or at least, allowed) was my Org. Behavior class, which is over and done this week. During last Friday’s class, the professor handed back my case report, that I had given that Wednesday, with a very complimentary note added: She said “Excellent job with this assignment. Super case report” and went on to ask if she could keep a copy for her records. And so I handed it right back to her.

It was one of the few chances I’ve had all semester to be creative, to take an assignment a little further than expected. And it’ll probably be the last.

Work isn’t proving to be so creatively demanding either. I’m sure it will be, possibly as soon as this week, as I’m learning Flash, getting attached to more and more projects: they’ve got me signed up to write some of the help for the new EIS (an acronym for the equally anonymous Enterprise Information System); I’m set to revise small text changes to the newest release of K-State Online; and I’m always vulnerable to small requests by any one of my supervisors. I look forward to things speeding up and to be, as one of my supervisors said today, overwhelmed with any number of things to do.

But even when it does, I’m sure I’ll still have this jittery urge to paint or design or write or photograph. Something.

I have ideas, but they’re ideas that require means, and I don’t have much. I want to do some large format photography prints, but framing is prohibitive enough let alone the actual printing. I want to do some large, simple paintings for our living room, but again, large canvases are expensive, and making them myself is almost equally so. I want to write a book, but I’m not talented enough and talent’s not cheap.

And so it all comes back to this stinking website: it’s paid for, it’s within my abilities, it doesn’t require me moving far from my apartment, and I’ve got a bit of a built-in audience. The problem is I have no ideas, no creativity.

So what am I complaining about?



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