flashed before my eyes

I’m strong, I’m humble, I’m willing to learn from my mistakes. It takes a big man to admit something so stupid. I’m a big man. I did something so stupid.

I just about died. Like 15 minutes ago, I just about died.

I’ve been messing on my desktop computer a lot in the last day, which is unusual — I’m usually on my laptop.

But I’ve been doing some webpage work and I was attempting to capture the B&W commercial for the website, and I was having problems, the computer was going slow. It hadn’t been restarted for 24 days, so I figured that would help. It did, for the most part, but on reboot it came up with an error message — some .dll file couldn’t be found. I had uninstalled a lot of superfluous programs a week or so ago, and hadn’t rebooted since then until now, I guess. Everything still worked without the missing file, apparently, except the internet and a few Windows functions. So I moved that certain .dll file from my laptop with a floppy (since I couldn’t email it or anything), and rebooted.

All this time I had also been working on a second project of trying to get the video capture card & software on track and working. The card came loose while I was messing and instantly shut down the computer. Uh oh. I turned the machine back on and …

Boot Disk Failed . . .

Shit. Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit. No no no no. This can’t be happening. No no no no.

I thought of all the things that I might have lost, coming up with very little in particular, but feeling that I certainly had a lot to lose. Instead of messing around with things, I just unhooked everything unneccessary from the back of the computer, including my extra hard drive which stores all my mp3s (when I unhooked this I thought “Well at least I have my mp3s, but I should really have saved a backup to this drive everyonce in a while). On my laptop, I looked up the Dell Service phone number and called.

He asked me to restart. I did. Boot Disk Failed

Do you have any disks or cds in the floppy or CD-ROM drives?”

I check.


I feel like I should laugh, but I’m too embarassed. There’s a floppy disk in the drive and I immediately know what the problem is. I eject the disk.


Yeah, heh… there’s stuff in all of them. I bet that’s it.”

Yeah, the computer is set up to check…” he proceeds to explain boot order and the fact that my computer was trying to boot off of my floppy disk instead of my hard drive, which I thought was lost and corrupted and gone forever.

I restart the computer and it works fine. Not even a message about that .DLL file I had transfered. In medical terms, I guess the host body accepted the .dll transplant. The internet works, all my files are there, nothing is wrong. Except with me, of course. I’m still blushing, even though there’s no one around to see.

New task for today: back up hard drive.



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