Sup Update?

Well, because I missed classes last Friday I was not aware that I didn’t have my first class this morning - my MIS 367 lab class at 10:30. Not that I would have really preferred to sleep in any longer - it was too cold and I was having trouble staying asleep as it was. So I decided that since I’ve got the computer lab mostly to myself, I’d use some time to update this thing.

A lot has happened since my post last Wednesday. I stuck around Manhattan long enough on Thursday to go to my only class of the day - really not worth it, but since he takes attendance EVERY class period, it sorta was. Pretty much as soon as I could get back to my car, I took off to Kansas City, where I picked up my suit. I love it, still. It’s a dark gray (a bit bluish?) Ralph Lauren suit, with no ‘flappers’ in the back, no pocket flappers (just a casual slit), and very streamlined, otherwise. It’s a rather simple suit (except for the pleats in the pants), so I like it. I got a haircut at BJs - typical.

I hurried home as fast as my conscience would let me, and made it to Chanute about 6:45. This ended up being a pretty good time to leave for the VFW to play Bingo. Yeah, bingo - for the Neil Diamond tickets. Anyway, Bingo was a blast and, despite some people getting fed up with the noise we brought to their solemn Bingo nights and a number caller without a larynx, it was just what you might expect. None of us won anything, so we might have to resort to my idea of selling Neil Diamond shaped cookies at a bake sale in order to pay off those tickets.

Sarah had gotten me one of the cooler Rothko prints when she was in California and IKEA and then had it framed. Right now, it’s the coolest thing in my apartment, except for (maybe) our TV. Heh.

On Friday I went to Iola’s Homecoming football game and to Sweet Home Alabama, which was actually a LOT better than I thought it might be. I might have some quibbles with a few of the details of southern-ness (I’m sure the Hollywood people had PLENTY of redneck correspondents and focus-groups and the like, but that doesn’t change the fact that it was made and produced by city-folk. Heh. Heh.

Biblesta was on Saturday, of course, and it was at its usual. The parade seemed shorter this year, but this was also the first year in memory that I’ve SAT and WATCHED it. Usually I’m up and about, roaming around with friends. Tony and Kate and cos Adam and Bryan and I went to G. Willikers in Chanute and watched most of K-State’s heartbreaking loss to Colorado. K-State played semi-valiantly near the end and almost recovered a 21-point deficit, but made some (in my eyes) bad decisions and lost by just 4. They slipped out of their 16 place ranking to 23 (not as bad as I might have suspected, but still just one place ahead of USC who has 2! losses, one of which was to us).

I didn’t do a whole lot on Sunday. Mostly just packed up my stuff, had dinner with Tony and Kate and took a nap and watched some TV. Good times, though.

Right now, I’m extremely nervous. I have an essay due tomorrow in English. I had a semi-decent start on it (only a couple paragraphs, but usable), but I lost it last night in a nefarious corrupted file incident. UGH! So I have today (less two class periods) to get that started and finished. I also need to go pick up an application for Buffalo Wild Wings, the new Aggieville restaurant, but the essay is certainly taking priority over almost anything at this point. So may some gentle Muse with lucky words favour me today.



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