Six so's... gosh.

Well, I came to Kansas City last night. It was Friday and I didn’t have anything to do — and more importantly, I had an appointment for a haircut on Saturday morning at 10:30…. today, in an hour.

So I’m here at my brother’s — we had a good time last night. Kate had to work, so we were left on our own. We did some wandering through some stores (admired the plasma HDTVs at the new Best Buy off of 119th & Strang Line, e.g.) We ate at On The Border and then I watched TV while he scanned some pictures into his computer with his new scanner.

Today’s a pretty busy day. It’s Bryan’s birthday, actually. He’s 22. Happy Birthday, old man. Seems just like yesterday you were an immature little kid of 21. Ahhh, but time flies, eh? Anyway, it’s also a home football game (Televised on TBS for anyone interested — 6pm Central). So as soon as my hair is done ~ 11a.m., I’m heading straight back to Manhattan, take a shower, take Bryan out to lunch at the place of his choice, and then on to the game. It’s also Homecoming and a rather important game otherwise, so with all of that AND the national TV exposure, I’m sure the stadium’ll fill up a little earlier than usual. Fun.

Yes, so my Saturday is full, which means I’ll probably spend a good deal of tomorrow doing homework. I’ve got some assignments due in English III in preparation for our next essay due, a 6+ page essay of literary journalism. I don’t know what I’ll do it on yet. That’s tomorrow. And also I’ve got my 3rd Visual Basic .NET programming assignment due on Friday.

Okay, well I better be heading towards my hair styling place, so…




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