bartending school finals

I haven’t been a perfect bookkeeper the past few days. it’s this bartending thing. Late nights, long hours, and physical and mental strain. A lot like football… at least, that’s what we’ve been taught. “If your shirt ain’t dirty, then you ain’t playin’.” I dunno, I’ve been pretty tired when we get back to Tony’s a bit after 10 each night.

This is typically a 2-week course (one of the guys says he’s been at it for 8 weeks - of course, he’s working two jobs too), and we’re trying to tackle (heh heh) it in four days. Not that I should really be complaining. It’s, otherwise, a rather posh and cooshy lifestyle: late mornings, fun people, and the prospect of lots of $ to come our way. So really, I’m not bitter or sour, two things we’ve learned lots about this week. Sours get a cherry and orange garnish. Bitters are found in Manhattans and Old Fashioneds… Yay.

So we’re supposed to take our final tomorrow. It’s a 6-page written exam, plus a strenuous speed test of preparing 15 drinks (randomly chosen from our soon to be repertoire of 175) as quickly and perfectly as possible (empahsis is mostly on perfectly, though). We’re pretty comfortable in our abiliites, and knowledge. So far. But we’ve still got two, rather important lessons unlearned. We haven’t even touched on Shooters (Buttery Nipple, Blow Job, Woo Woo, etc) and Tall Drinks (Long Island Iced Tea, Tom Collins, Sex on the Beach). We’ll have to learn both of these lessons in the afternoon class tomorrow, study over supper (I think we’re gonna have barbeque), and then back in at 6 to take our final. Eek. We’re not real worried… but worried is never really a good indicator of the need to be worried, either.

Anyhoo, I’m kinda looking forward to it all being over. It really doesn’t feel like we’ve been here long - or even gone to class all that much - and class is really a lot of fun (the material sorta lends itself to that), but I’m anxious for the weekend. I’d come back next week if I didn’t have to earn my bread at home.

As for this weekend, Kate is going to Manhattan to visit some friends, and Tony didn’t really want to have to go out with them, so I’m gonna go along and we’ll just go out together. That’s proven lots of fun in the past, and with my new wealth of “drinks thinks,” I have no worries. I’m also pretty excited to just be back in Manhattan (recipe for a Traditional Manhattan follows), but unfortunately, it’ll really only be for a day. Hopefully I’ll see some familiar faces, though.

Well, that about does it… Wish us luck on our finals… or toast us, or something… goodnight.

Traditional Manhattan

  • Dash of Bitters (Angustura)
  • 1 Cherry (sans stem)
  • Muttle these in the bottom of a 2 oz. Rocks glass.
  • Stir 6 - 16 drops of Sweet Vermouth and 2 oz. Whiskey or Bourbon together and add to Rocks glass.

Yum… a Manhappenin’, as no one ever calls it.



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