drunk in KC

i’m so drunk right now. but i can still type. we paid for a $20 cab drive. i’m drunk. huh? tony went through the window of his apartment because we left his keys in my car and i couldnt drive… (see above)… so we left it. yes. oy. my mouth is dry, huh.

i met some k-state girls tonight. they were cute. one was getting married and did a “blow job shot” on me. it was pretty silly, but cute, anyway. one girl, i think, liked me, but they had to leave because “Bride Girl” was puking in the bushes. oh well. i gave them my phone number and website and so hopefully she’ll get in touch with me someday. yeah. i though she was cute. cute name too… but i’m not going to venture the correct spelling right now… in my condition, but hopefullly, yes hopefully someday, i’ll know for sure.

james and andrea went with us. james was drunk on a shot of jack daniels and a budweiser. hehe… funny. do do do.

Ok. So this is Josh’s brother, Tony. I’ve commandeered the keyboard to say goodnight. And I don’t care that I’ve misspelled the word commandeered. Live with it, Ok.


Oh, by the way—here’s my picture of Josh typing this message.



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