depreciation of tips

I’m starting to need a haircut again. Geez. It’s always a problem, about this time, because I get my hair done in Kansas City - an awesome place called BJs on Johnson Drive. Last time I was in, Michael, the guy that does my hair had to get there early (10 a.m.) and open the place for me. I felt bad, because it surely could have waited until later - I didn’t know I’d be the only one there. He told me then that so-and-so lady, the Fox (?) News Anchor - I don’t get KC tv - was coming in later to have him do her hair. This bit of prestigious news and the fact that I made him come in early made me feel like I should definitely tip him. I’ve always meant to, but when it comes out to 20 bucks even (and being a fairly expensive haircut, at that) I just never have. This past time, though, I was determined to. The cut came out to $40 (with the highlighting), and then I got a bottle of my hair gel ($16.50), gave him $60, thanked him, and left. That’s $3.50 in tips so far for probably, oh, 12 visits. Kinda pathetic. I’m just so TIP ignorant. And embarassed when I do it, which is silly. I need suggestions for more appropriate ways I could tip. PLEASE HELP ME. One time, I thought maybe I could find out his birthday, and then send him a Diesel watch or pair of shoes for never having tipped. Oy. Anyway, I guess my hair can wait another couple of weeks until I go to Kansas City for bartending school. Hehe…

Speaking of school, I had my first two finals today. Woke up at 6:50 for my speech final, which was easy, of course. Then I took a nap until 1, and then spent the rest of my afternoon (2 to 7) at the library studying AIF exclusively. God, there’s a lot of information there. I had that final at 7 p.m. and it went really well. I’m not sure how much studying actually helped - I think I probably knew most of the tested material before studying. The final consisted of 43 multiple choice questions, and then about 8 pages of problems, figuring things like Net Present Value of investments, depreciation expense, period-end closing entries, cash flow statements, and other incredibly boring sounding things. I really don’t mind accounting. I like all the theory and complex concepts that are used - it’s fascinating how it all works - but I really don’t think I could do that for a living. Right, no.

So I’ve got the same schedule again tomorrow - 7:30 a.m., and 7 p.m. exams, MacroEconomics and Calculus, respectively. I’m kinda worried about them, because, well, they cover a ton of information too. But I figured I only need a 57% on my economics test to get an A, and I imagine I’m in similarly good shape with Calculus. The flipside is that it would be incredibly embarassing to not make it. Or to have figured that wrong. Hmm…. I think I’m gonna go study.



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