moving out

photo of josh

Damn… I really liked yesterday’s picture, too. Maybe it was the whole grayscale thing. I dunno. But I’m reluctant to even post anything today because of it.

But anyway, I managed to tear down both bunked beds in my room and send them home with my Mom, along with the TV, my DVD player, clocks, phone, couch, movies, books, etc. etc. It’s quite bare in here now… it looks like a friggin dorm room. But it’s kinda cool too. I think I just like the change, but it’s also very nice to have the wide open space. Just seems to be a little easier to breathe. Thanks mom!

I should be studying. I did a bit, for my 7:30 a.m. exam tomorrow, (Speech, god), but I’m not worried about that class. What a waste. Besides, I think I’m guaranteed an A if I do the final. So I just gotta get up - that’s the test. I’ll prolly do a bit of studying tonight for my Honors AIF (Accounting for Investing and Finance) final… tomorrow night, but mostly I’ll leave that for tomorrow afternoon. I should be worried about that one. So, anyway, that’s tomorrow’s agenda.

Ben Folds is coming back to Kansas. He’s been here like 3 times this school year. Tony and Kate and I went to see him at the Grenada last fall, then again us three saw him at the Beaumont Club not too too long ago. Apparently he’s coming to City Market in KC in late June. Three tickets or four??

I’m really starting to wish I was staying in Manhattan this summer. I know I’ve got a lot going for me at home - family (Britnee!), a good job, free room and board, friends, basketball every night, a new lawnmower, all the lovely amenities of my home, a shed to clean, privacy to sunbathe on the deck, hot tub, but something wants me to stay in Manhattan. Next summer definitely, anyway. We’ve got the year lease. I guess I’m just worried about losing touch with some of my friends here and away, and then have to go make them all over again next year. Nah.

Bryan is finally coming back from Humboldt. He’s been gone forever, it seems. Almost a week, actually. A lot can happen in a week. So much. Too much. I’m not going there. Yeah, and the room’s quite different now, too.



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