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This is fun. I’m at the library, “studying.” I’ve been trying anyway. There are just too many cute girls, it’s distracting. Not that I wish they weren’t here. Did I really come to study? Anyway, I’ve been studying accounting for a couple hours (more than the cumulative of all semester), and I needed a break. Of course, I have my laptop with me, for music, internet, and diversion purposes. So here I am, on my laptop, connection to the library’s wireless network - no strings attached - updating my website from a kooshy couch - no one would suspect. Technology kicks ass. So, I’ll probably stay here for another hour or so, just to do a bit more studying, then head back to the room for a little less serious studying.

I guess I should probably write about my last two night’s activities sometime, since they were certainly worth writing about. I don’t have any finals until Tuesday, so I might be able to go out and do something tonight too, and not worry about sleep or whatever it is you worry about around finals time. I had an invite to go over to the crackheads’ apartment at University Commons, but I’m not sure that’s the kind of diversion I’m looking for - maybe something more along the lines of a movie?? Hmm…

I’m really excited about seeing my little neice Britnee (thus, the photo), and nephew Seth once finals are all over and done with. Seth’ll be around for only a few days, while B&S are in Kansas, so I’ll have to catch up on several months of missed photos. Britnee, of course, I’m looking forward to getting to see all summer. Yay!!!

Okay… back to studying for a while. I’ll probably update this later tonight.



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