insane interview

My shoulders hurt. But enough about me.

Tell me about yourself. When’s your birthday? Do you like your birthstone? Aquarius? Amethyst. Purple, yeah, I used to be obsessed. Huge amethyst formation, cha-ching. Of course you like music… movie buff? Annie Hall, Some Like it Hot, Snatch, Fear and Loathing…, Who’s Perry Como? Creepy.

Books? Kerouac - Shit, did you see that? Okay, whoa, nevermind. Beat writers, Ginsberg,… wait…

My Golden empty soul’ll outlast yr salty sill — the Windows of my jelly eye & fish head muck look out on thee, slit, with cigar-a-mouth, some contempt. Yet I hie me to see you — you hie thee to eat me - fair in sight and worn, aright — Arra! Aroo! Ger der va — Silly silent cities in the sea have children playing cardboard mush with eignyard old Englander beeplates slickered oer with scum of histories below —

How’ve you been? Do you like to bowl? I love bowling! And movies. I’m a movie buff. Fun hater. Anti-fun.

There was a man, littered with facist symbols, very old, likely Mussilini himself. Did I already say that? Anti-fun. Fun hater.

I’m out. Sleep deprived, they say.



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