Rufus Review

Rufus Wainwright

This must be a record, or something. It’s less than three hours after the concert, and I’ve got the Rufus Wainwright photos up. And most of that was driving back from Lawrence.

Anyway, the concert was fabulous. Amazingly beautiful voices, and beautiful faces. Unfortunately all I can share with you are the beautiful faces. Go buy the albums for the rest. It really was one of the better concerts I’ve been to (and I’ve been to a A LOT of concerts). Martha Wainwright, Rufus’s sister opened with some hauntingly beautful songs of her own (she sold and signed CDs later). I guess the short blonde-haired guitar player usually opens for him, which would have been neat too, but Martha was excellent.

Then Rufus came on probably around 10 or so, and played an excellent setlist - weighted heavily towards the “Poses” album, but with several from his debut and each of his soundtrack releases. Rufus told some cute stories of “celebrity encounters” (Bob Dylan, and Yoko Ono) and made fun of his media-fueled “mini celebrity deathmatch” with Ryan Adams. He forgot the words to a couple of his songs — reviews of his past shows report the same — I never really know what to make of that. Hmm… Anyway… it was such a reaffirmation of my love for Rufus’s music. Basically the ultimate test to the legitamacy of musical stardom is performing live (in front of me!). And he (et al) fared amazingly well. The band was super-appropriate - never demanding or over-zealous (not to mention, quite the array of instruments too: steel guitar, 6 or 7 other guitars, clarinet, piano, drums, keyboard…). Martha’s background harmonic vocals were always right … always chilling … always escapably out of any normal vocal range. It’s shows like this that make me wish more artists put out live albums like Dave Matthews… one after another… But… on the other hand, I’m awfully tired of most of Dave Matthews’ songs, and God help me if I ever get tired of Rufus.

After the concert, I dropped Angie back off in Topeka, and returned to Manhattan. I know, I know, I was going to go home this weekend. I guess I just couldn’t remember exactly why I was going, and there’s things (people) I’d like to do in Manhattan, so … uhh.. here I am. But I’m going to need energy for that, so I’m “hitting the hay” - 3:30 a.m.

Oh yeah, be sure to check out the Rufus Pictures… =)



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