rufus day

Yeah, so I’m kinda crunched for time… (scrunched? scrunchie?).

We’re taking off to the concert in a few minutes. It’s gonna be awesome. We’re meeting Tony and Kate at Free State for dinner at around 6:20. It’s right next door to Liberty Hall, and we’ve got floor, GA tickets (so we can get close), so we’re gonna get in line early (the concert doesn’t start until 9). I’m taking my camera… they better let me bring it in, so you’ll be sure to look at the pictures whenever I can get them up. I’ve always wanted to be a concert photographer. Here’s my chance. =)

Following the concert, I’m likely heading to Humboldt after I drop Angie off in Topeka. It’ll be late. I don’t really have too much to do in Humboldt… or anything at all, really, but I’ll see about getting a truck to bring up, instead of my car - maybe someone’ll come with me? Hmm… Well, whatever. Doesn’t matter. Either way, I hope to come back on Saturday… I’ll miss Manhattan.

I’m so psyked. Rufus Wainwright. Score!



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