I am the Olympics

Hair scrunchie

I did it. I am Huge. I am Great. I am America, I am the Olympics. I finished the B&W newsletter! Kinda. There’s a big gaping hole on page 4, but that’s not necessarily my fault, right? I need more … stuff.

Good grief… I had three uninterrupted hours of good music (it’s now half past 3 a.m.) and then random had to go pick an annoying song off “The Faculty” soundtrack. God.

I’m gonna take a shower now, too. No sense in saving that for morning… that’s like, uhh, hours from now. Heh. I’m cheating when I say this, but I think it’s time for a scrunchie update. Actually, it wasn’t my idea. That’s why it’s cheating. I had help. Lots and lots and lots of help. So… now I need someone to make the noise… the urgent message noise… the “duupata, duupata” thing. Do it.

Scrunchie Update

It has come to my attention that the scrunchie is starting to fray. I can see its innards. It’s disgusting. In fact, I’m not so sure whoever really owns this scrunchie even wants it back, disgusting scrunchie guts showing and all… But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try. So PLEASE PLEASE contact me if this is yours… there’s contact info below… (I think I secretly want to keep it. If you let me keep it, I will paint it blue by next week.. please please please let me keep it).

It should be noted, to anyone keeping score, that three lowercase “please”s ALWAYS beats two uppercase ones.

love ya.



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