rufus date


It’s B&W; Newsletter time. My mom started it at the beginning of this year - sort of a keep-in-touch with the employees thing at B&W.; Of course as a former editor and design genius, I’m always at the layout end of the deal. So each month she emails me the stories and photos, and hopefully, a few hours later I send her back a completed newletter. Tonight’s that time, again. I’ve got my night class at 7 and an extremely unimportant paper to write for tomorrow, but I’ll prolly spend most of my night on the newsletter.

Everything else is working for the best, too. Angie said she’d love to go see Rufus, and so, barring any unforeseen heaven-sent date, she’ll be my date. My calc class is canceled for Friday, leaving only Macro to be around for, so I imagine I’ll just drive home (if Ang doesnt mind me dropping her off in Topeka? Hmm… We’ll see…). I’ll have to come back to Manhattan only hours before Beth and Steve and SETH!! arrive… grrrr… I’m totally digging getting to see and hold and play with Seth. Oy and Britnee… Seth and Britnee together again,… adorable. I’ll have my camera, you can bet your butt. And pictures all over this place next week!! Look for it.



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