These are some clouds… from yesterday. There were some really fabulous clouds trailing the thunderstorm that rolled in around 7:30. I got one semi-good picture.

I’ve been feeling really self-absorbed lately. Maybe I should say “especially” self-abosorbed lately. Alanis says that being self-centered is a healthy thing. Narcissism can be bad, but self-centeredness, as she defines it, is a reasonable goal. But that’s really not what I wanted to write about.

When I was in Florida during Spring Break, I got an email saying Rufus Wainwright was going to be in Lawrence in early May. Tony and I are huge fans. We were ever since I discovered his debut album way back in… I dunno, 1998? That long ago? I remember it was when Tony was staying in Florida, because he didn’t get to hear the album until he got back. I knew he’d be hooked. Anyway, we’ve sworn up and down since then that we had to go to a Rufus concert. He’s basically the only of our top faves that we haven’t seen live (oh yeah, except Bjork). Even though driving to St. Louis to see him last year wasn’t necessarily out of the question, we didn’t go, probably because he was only opening for Tori Amos. (I love Tori Amos, by the way, so I’m not saying that only the Rufus portion would have been worth it. I saw Tori at Starlight in KC and it was heavenly).


So, of course, having got that email, I immediately got on Ticketmaster and got my order in. Should we get 3 or 4 tickets? Tony, Kate, Me… will I have a date? 4? Tony urged for four. I got four. I know Tony feels bad - responsible - for, umm, for me having an extra ticket right now. Don’t, Tony. Anyway, at the time, of course, I thought “oooh,… I’ve got nearly two months to find a date…” Yeah, yeah. That’s all well and good, except that I really didn’t start actively looking for a date but about two weeks ago.

And so I’ve been rather wrapped up in that mission for the past couple weeks, bringing me back to why I’ve been so “self-absorbed” lately. I suppose, when it comes down to it, I COULD have a date. It’s really not that hard - yeah, really. I guess I’m just too picky. And I guess I shouldn’t be. It’s only a concert. It’s only one evening - a matter of hours. I’m not committing to anything. I shouldn’t have been so picky. And so now I’ve got two days… ahem, less than two days. Bryan would go (even though I don’t think he’d fully appreciate Rufus), but he’s going to Humboldt to be with one of his friends who is deathly sick. In fact, I’m trying to stay away from taking guys because, well, because Rufus is openly gay, and taking a guy for a date might, well… right. So, finally, if YOU or anyone you know likes Rufus, has never experienced Rufus and thinks they should, and has absolutely nothing better to do on a Thursday night, give me an email at works@worksology.com asap. Or HEY… I could probably just give it to the cute ticketless girl in Lawrence on Thursday.



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