lost & found: scrunchie


Yeah, umm… this might not have been the best thing. Oy. oy oy oy. No, it’s good.

Okay, first of all, I’m looking for the owner of this scrunchie. If this is your scrunchie, and you want it back, please call 785.395.5555. If it is yours and you want me to have it, give me a call anyway. If you think I misspelled scrunchie, call me and tell me how I should have spelled it. All these words ending in “ie” are making me hungry for Krispie Kreme donuts. Even though it’s spelled Krispy. Hmm. Godbless, anyway.

I’m sending in my payment for bartending school today. Yeah, bartending school. Me. Strange, I know. Josh Works, bartending school. Oh well. It’s an opportunity, and I’m not one to miss an opportunity. (Josh Works take advantage of an opportunity? hhahahahaha) Well, okay, so if you’re looking for a good reason, why I’m going, there you go. Take the opportunity-exploitation reason. If you want the reasons I gave my parents to get them to pay for it, then you can take the “oh, well, I deal better with those kind of hours,” the “better money than the lame-ass job I have now,” the “lifetime job placement possibilites.” I didn’t tell them the reason my brother-in-law saw for it: “you’ll be stone sober, surrounded by drunk chicks.” Hmm… stone sober?

It’s hot today. Bryan and I are going to go drive around with the sunroof open, the windows down, and some good summer music. Which reminds me, I need to be making some good summer compilation CDs. We’ll probably drive out to Tuttle and maybe Pillsbury Crossing just to see what’s going on. Oh yeah, and the mandatory stop at Taco Bell. I can’t be gone too long, though. I have to turn in a paper tonight in Expos 2. It’s a letter to our portfolio reader (approx. 3 pages). I have one paragraph. I’m not worried, though. It’s essentially written, I just need to type it. Yeah, well… ta ta.



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