rocky saturday

Josh 05-04

I guess I should have seen it coming. I should have known it wasn’t always glitter and fireworks. That’s my relative inexperience showing. Or maybe I just put too much weight on this Saturday night. Dubbed “my last chance” and bearing the burden of all the talk of “908 Kearney” and my constant brainstorms, I probably should have expected last night to fail. I suppose it even got off to a rocky start… foreshadowing, perhaps.

We had planned to leave at 10, Mike and I, but it ended up being more like 10:30, and Mike had invited along three other guys. I didn’t really mind the time thing… in fact, I rather prefer 10:30 as a starting point, and the other guys really didn’t bother me so much, either. The problem, I guess, is that this wasn’t how the night had played out in my head. Whatever.

Okay, so we started at the 908 Kearney party, where Mike says he made out with 3 girls the last time they had a party there. Hmm. It was slow starting… By 11:30 or so there were about 30 guys and 4 girls. Big groups of people would come, walk through, and then leave. I wanted to leave too, but Mike was optimistic. He remained optimistic for the next hour or so… Jake (from last night) and friends showed up, hung out, and then we all decided to go back to University Commons to find a party.

I got stopped at a DUI checkpoint, but they saw no need to keep me long. Obviously. We mainly stuck to an apartment near Jake’s - I spent the majority of the rest of the night… three hours or so… talking to this girl, Bridget, and a guy from Iola. He graduated in 2001, and knows Gretchen Rutledge… I imagine they graduated together.

I taxied some people back to the dorms, listened to Jake jam at ear-bleeding decibels (at 3:30 a.m. no less), and finally ran Mike and Johari back to Marlatt. We spent a few minutes throwing pine cones at a huge-ass cockroach, gave him a proper burial, and then fled. A suitable ending to a similarly bleak night.

As far as the Rufus concert is concerned, I’ve got a couple tricks up my sleeve (God, what an overstatement). One might be in the ramblings later (today??), but the other has to wait until Tuesday.



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