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In a lot of ways, I guess, it tops last Saturday. Last night didn’t have the extreme subversiveness of a week ago (which I’m using as positive attribute, in this case), but I met a lot more people last night.

I knew I was going to do something. I wasn’t not going to do something. Even if it meant going to the bars alone. This was desperation squared. But I knew from the beginning that it probably wasn’t going to have to come to that. Like I suspected, Mike and I just hit the town looking for a party.

We started around 10, I think. We first stopped off at the Delta Chi house on Sunset. Mike was there the night before, supposedly, and he new some guy in the Frat, so he figured we could get in. It turned out, though, that the party was just a “date party” - just the frat boys and their dates (read: no single girls). So even if they would have allowed us to stay, it wouldn’t have been much fun. Anyway, after wandering around the premises, I was pretty certain I didn’t want to stay regardless. The girls were all plastic looking - cookie cutter, unattractive sorority girls. The guys’ bedrooms were 1/3 of the size of my room. The smell of arrogance barely overcast the smell of future plastic surgeries. It was all quite sobering, and I savored my independence.

I always wanted to call into the Campus Fourum and say something like, “I don’t see the controversy over cloning… the Greeks have been doing it for years.” Okay, so I’m pretty anti-Greek. But I don’t want to make the ecological fallacy (as my Political Science prof would say) and assume that all the individual Greeks share the characteristics of the group as a whole. That’s not to say the girl of my dreams couldn’t be in a sorority. That’s not to say there’s no margin-of-error. That’s not to say she can’t be. Her.

So I digress… We drove around the ghetto looking for another party. Nothing. University Commons. Very little. Mike knew a guy, Jake, that lived in UC, so we stopped in. He and his brother, Joel, and their neighbor/friend Sarah, were just sitting around drinking, smoking. We sat and talked for an hour or so. Jake is a guitar player. Thousands of dollars of equipment. 8 guitars. He played for us. Incredible. After getting sidetracked several times, we finally piled into my car (all the aforementioned, except Joel - so, Mike, Me, Sarah, and Jake) and headed back to the ghetto. It was later now, of course, and there seemed to be things going on.

We stopped into some party on Thurston. Two neighbors shared the party between the two apartments. Very effective. Three dollar cups, but I only filled mine once and then gave it away. We stayed at this party for the majority of the night. I saw and met a ton of people here. Chris, from my Chem Lab, was there. The two hot girls that sit in the back row of PolSci, where Evan and Phil and I sit, saw me and knew who I was. I was totally shocked, actually. I didn’t think they ever looked at me, let alone would recognize me. Amy and Sara. I met lots of other people: Jesse, Brooke, and uh… a bunch of people whose names I’ve forgotten.

So we left there a good while after midnight, drove about a block, and stopped at another party. I sat on the front porch next to a cute girl, Tiffany, from Springfield, Missouri - she goes to SMS there, fashion design. Then she left. There’s another hour’s worth of things that happened, but nothing really entertaining, so I’ll probably just cut it off there.

I dropped Jake and Sarah back off at UC, and then back to Marlatt. No more than 1 second after I stopped in the parking spot, Mike threw open his door and threw open his stomach… all over the ground. He was no less than 1 second from entering a world of pain. Ha… perfect timing, anyhow.

Okay, so just a couple closing comments. - Sarah, Jake’s friend, happens to be the daughter of Danny, Humboldt’s Schwanns man. - Even though I promised myself I’d go to all kinds of measures to find a date to Thursday’s concert, I totally forgot about it all night. Not that there were really any girls that I really wanted to take (well there was at least one, but I know I could have a second chance, if I decide to take it). The problem isn’t that I’m so hung up on my semester-long crush. Even though she’d definitely be my first choice to go, I just don’t see that happening, so I’m not really worried about losing that possibilty by asking someone else. - Anyway, I’ve got another similar night planned for tonight. I don’t know if we’ll go get Jake, etc. again tonight, but that’d be great by me. I’ll try to keep my date-finding mission in mind this time. But now I’m going to try to get an afternoon’s worth of homework done - this is, after all, the last Saturday afternoon of the semester. Ciao.



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