B&W Family Picnic

So the Big B&W Family Shindig Picnic Thingy was last night. Lotsa people came, but not nearly enough to finish all the food we had prepared. Eek. It wasn’t organized completely wondefully, but everything really seemed to go off without a hitch (heh heh).

They started off, basically, with people giving themselves tours through the plant, eating burgers and whatnot, and having kids run around and play all the games that were set up. I had prepared about 300 and some water balloons, which pretty much signals ‘no good,’ but it took the kids an hour or so to feel free enough to just grab them and throw them at people. Needless to say, the water balloon toss game was soon forgotten.

The games pretty much went all night - kids playing at their leisure once the whole “ticket/prize” system disassembled — which is probably for the best, also. The relay races and volleyball and horseshoes commenced around 7, I think, as scheduled, and everyone seemed to enjoy that. The band, Predator (featuring B&W employee Mike George on lead guitar), played for most of the night, and the non-competitive (or non-sober) (or non-good-taste-in-music) people opted to stay in the new B&W addition instead of out with the games. The cookout bit had produced so much smoke, then filling the western sky, that the sun had a very filtered, yellow/orange look and was no less than perfect for the games and for the photography. Speaking of which, I should have the pictures from the event up sometime tomorrow (Monday). Hopefully I’ll just have to upload them in the morning when I get to work.

Anyway, darkness fell in with perfect timing and most everyone returned to the new building for the “dance” part of the night. There were a few willing (namely the Cadys, the Fords, and some in the Hopkins party). There were others out every once in a while too, eek.. like my mom and dad… shudder… but mostly it was just those I already mentioned. I certainly wasn’t feeling like making an ass of myself - not then, at least.

After it was all over - 11ish or so - I really wanted to go out with Megan Hopkins and her friend Chelsea (are there other ways to spell that?), even if it meant going to Iola, but, yeah… we all know of my pitiable lack of attempts to make happen what I’d like to. (Wow… something was terribly wrong with that sentence.) Anyway, I coulda shoulda woulda asked or something, but I didn’t. And of course I felt horrible for not. =|

Anyway, I ended up just heading home, but was pulled over by someone flashing their lights and turn signal at me (luckily I had tried (failed) doing the same thing to my brother earlier this weekend, so I knew what was going on), and it was Sarah and Laura and their friend Michelle - out in Humboldt for some reason or other - so I decided it’d probably be okay for me to try to find something to do w/ them, rather than just going home feeling miserable about, yeah… that. So we went to Chanute and drove around for a good while, then finally decided to park the car and walk and walk and walk. It was really nice actually - I definitely prefer the walking - especially compared to riding in the back seat of a 2-door Cavalier. We walked for a good long time… til probably 2:40 a.m., then they returned me to Humboldt and I made it to bed by maybe 3:15. Whoa. Quite a difference to going home and to bed at 11:45.

We didn’t go to church this morning - my dad was still in bed at 11. I can’t remember the last time I was up before him - never, maybe. We went to China Palace in Iola for lunch, then picked up and delivered a bunch of the stuff we borrowed for B&Ws party. I mowed the yard (well, most of it anyway - the stuff I don’t mind doing), and am now thinking about either working on my tan, playing basketball, or both. Yeah, I think both.



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