Back from Colorado

Well, I’m finally back from Colorado - it’s been a week, I guess. I really should have kept a daily journal while there because of all that happened, but I was quite exhausted at the end of each day.

We went out to build a deck at a cabin in Cuchara, Colorado - sorta south-central Colorado, straight south of Denver. Anyway, it went pretty good - fun work, good help, a few frustrations, but the finished good was well worth it. Actually, we didnt quite get to see the finished good, because Tony and I were quite anxious to get home by Tuesday, rather than waiting until late Wednesday, so we left with the deck about 98% done. Well enough.

Anyway, for our efforts, Tony and I earned a free week at the cabin (other reports suggest we’ve earned ‘limited life-time priviledges’, meaning we could be there anytime it was free). But, from the looks of the area and the cabin itself (now with a quality, superior deck attached), that payment is quite a deal. The area around Cuchara (mostly the Spanish Peaks and the valleys that surround) is breathtaking. There should be some pictures in the photo gallery (as soon as I get it up). Enough said.

So I’m back to work now… We’re getting a new satellite internet service installed today. I’m sorta the main contact for this, but I don’t think I’m really that needed. I pray this works.



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