fuck joe

For the past week, the sidewalks of K-State have been littered with “Do you agree with Joe?”


It was quite the mystery around campus, speculated upon even in an editorial of the Collegian. Gradually, the mystery is being revealed, thanks largely to the full-page ad in today’s Collegian. It’s an event organized by the Campus Crusade for Christ, Christian fundamentalists of the truest kind, and several other KSU Christian orgs. Today, everyone in those groups wore their bright lime green t-shirts saying “I agree with Joe.”

My personal beliefs aside… no lime green for me… I have decided to enjoy the popularity of this otherwise obscure phrase and create my own t-shirt. After sorting through my choices (from the literal, anti-Joe shirts, to the “I agree with Homer” or “I agree with Taco Bell”… I have settled on the “I agree with Donald” along with a picture of Diesel Jeans’ HappyValley Mascot, Donald, on the back. I will post a picture later. Time for class first.



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