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02 March 2009

The Blog by Joshua Works

Writings of general & great interest. A blog from the worldly web developer, covering liberal arts topics like design, internet, science, media, culture, computers, snacks and other random curiosities that a wider audience may enjoy.

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03 May 2003

USA2 by Joshua Works

America, circumnarrated. In the summer of 2003, I hit the road and spent 75 days traveling all across the USA (and a few detours into Canada) and kept a well-documented journal of the experience. This travelogue is the result of that ultimate roadtrip.

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16 April 2002

Ramblings by Joshua Works

A personal diary, of a sort. My original online journal, I started Ramblings in 2002. Here I write about my personal & family life, milestones in the life of my baby boy Jack, and other things notable to family & friends. The bulk of the archives are from college - the inane babblings of a creative, shy college guy.

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The Blog 7 comments

Essentials, 2009

Late last year there was a meme, likely started by Mark Pilgrim’s Essentials, 2008 post, on the indispensable software people use. Through a series of posts, I discovered a handful of terrific desktop & web applications that I’d never heard of before. Since then, I’ve been wanting to ...

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Ramblings 6 comments

Doing good deeds

Growing up in the small town of Humboldt, KS, there was this little welding shop. It was just a two-man operation, there in the late 80s, building trailer hitches for ranchers and farmers. The hitch they made was something different, the first real innovation in that industry. Over the past ...

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The Blog 10 comments

On the redesign

Worksology is back! You’ve missed me, yes?

This redesign has taken more than three years to come to fruition. In the meantime, the site has been either completely broken or nothing more than a cold “on hiatus” message. In fairness, I’ve been busy: getting engaged & married, settling into ...

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Ramblings 2 comments

On Austin Cuisine

We’ve been eating sooooo good here in Austin.

On Sunday, for lunch, we ate at a little South American restaurant, Dona Emilias, just across the street from our hotel, where they were serving a Sunday brunch. Amazing. Best meal ever. Stewed pulled pork. Some crazy rice thing. Lox. Sausages ...

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On Four Seasons

Besides the expected niceties of the Four Seasons Hotel, like superior customer service, luxurious bathrobes & linens, and a classic, cozy decor, there are a few things I never expected. First of all, they clean our room twice each day: once in the morning to do the standard room-reset, but also ...

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