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Site technology stack
Domain registrations
Web hosting
Server OS
Red Hat 4.1.2
Web server
Apache 2.2.3
Application interface
Server-side language
Python 2.5.1
Web framework
Django 1.0.2
Content management
Savoy beta
Some CSS3

This website was designed and built by Joshua Works. It relies on a number of very awesome web technologies, some of which are named below.

The primary purpose of this site is to aggregate all of the content I create into a single, convenient location for friends, family, and my legions of admirers to keep up with me and my family. Secondarily, it offers me an excuse to create something in my chosen profession to my own standards and specifications. You may not agree with some of the design or technology decisions I've made in creating this website. That is okay. You are not my client. If you find a bug or have constructive criticism, I would love the chance to improve my skills. Hit me up at .

Browser support

This site takes advantage of several modern CSS techniques that are currently only available in a limited number of browsers, particularly Apple's Safari. I would unequivocally recommend Safari for the best possible web experience. Modern versions of Firefox are a reasonable substitute.

I have attempted to give Internet Explorer 7+ users a fair experience. IE6 has not been tested and is not officially supported, but reports indicate that it works quite well.

Web standards

I am a strong advocate for web standards and for following web development best-practices. This site is coded in valid HTML with layout and presentation done exclusively in CSS. This provides for greater accessibility and device interoperability. When this redesign was made public, this site passed the W3C's experimental HTML5 validator.


This site runs on a slightly-modified version of Jeff Croft's Savoy. Savoy is an (as yet) unreleased suite of Django applications. Django is an open-source web framework written in Python. This site is being hosted by Webfaction while the name servers & domain registrations are maintained at Dreamhost, my previous hosting service. I enthusiastically recommend Webfaction for hosting. This site stores its data in a MySQL database.

Design & Typography

This site is set entirely in Helvetica.

The grid, layout & default color scheme were inspired by Modernist Swiss design, particularly this Josef Müller-Brockmann poster. The grid is employed using Nathan Smith's lovely 960 Grid System CSS framework. My favorite shape is the equilateral cross. One is provided in the top right of each page for navigation. Others are hidden or implied throughout the site's design.


This site was built using Apple computers, coded entirely in TextMate.