February 2012

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Nabbed the holy grail of camping in Florida in March: a rare first-come, first-serve site on the beach. We can stay up to two weeks!

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Now if we can get Amanda Congdon to to bring Rocketboom to Kickstarter I can watch vlogs like it's 2006 again.

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If you're in SF, you should check out the Aether Stream, at Octavia & Hayes through April 13.

Michael Williams visits:

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What a game! While it's hard for me to say this, congratulations KU! Couldn't happen to a more classless or less deserving group of people.

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K-State losing to Iowa State kind of neutralizes the trash-talking I was planning to do in KU's loss to Mizzou. But I'll enjoy it anyway.

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Items posted23 February 2012

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So many hotels you couldn't see the sea.

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Hands down one of the most amazing meals of my life. The Filipino-style BBQ at Sweet Racks is amazing! Baklava for dessert. #winning

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Ordered a Dogfish 90 Minute IPA. They brought me a Bell's Hopslam, a 10% honey IPA from MI. Totally successful substitute. Lovely beer.

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Jessa's worried that her phone says she's used 12 hrs of talk time. Compared to my 4 billion days, I'd say she's okay.

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Florida. It's sprawl all the way down.

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My cousin @Sworks_it was just on Jimmy Kimmel Live with the Fizbo head! Woot! Yay Sarah. #kstate

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Wish I could have included the whole paragraph.

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A MapTypeStyle that applies the same MapTypeStylers to the same selectors as an earlier MapTypeStyle will override the earlier MapTypeStyle.

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Stylized Google maps PER zoom level! Talk about responsive web design. Let's do this. #cartography

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There is so much right about this photo:

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I can't wait to trade in all these Likes for cash money.

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Now we've been to two of the three! (@ Lambert's Cafe)

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Can't wait for Apple's flavor of Mountain Dew.

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Hopeless Obamanation Mardi Gras parade float.

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That IS a tasty pizza at Red Zeppelin Pizza in Baton Rouge. Plus 14 beers on tap. Recommended!

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