March 2010

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Phil, on Modern Family, is lusting for an iPad on tonight's episode. Hope you watch this show; it's one of the funniest on TV right now.

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Wow, YouTube, you're so simple and neat now. I like it (so far). There are still comments, so not quite simple enough.

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If you've got a computer (and you do) you need to be using Dropbox. It's required software. Use my referral link:

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Wow. That was one of the best seasons of K-State sports I've been alive to follow. #emaw

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Ok, I'm serious. At least watch this video of Mumford & Sons on David Letterman. Unbelievable. I love this band.

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Holy crap. Just discovered Mumford & Sons today and I'm blown away. This is unbelievably good music: Recommended.

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Here is the documentation for virtualenv's global postactivate hook: The example, conveniently, is a custom prompt.

@ 3:19 p.m.

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I added:

PS1="n(basename \"$VIRTUAL_ENV\") wnu@h → "

to $WORKON_HOME/postactivate & all is well. Gets called after each activation.

@ 3:15 p.m.

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Lazyweb: Can I customize how virtualenv inserts the name of the active vitualenv into my prompt. I dislike the (name) prefix. Any ideas?

@ 2:07 p.m.

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What an incredibly exhausting game. College basketball at its best. And to have K-State on the winning end of it: feeling good.

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Game time. Fingernails: absent. (Like Sherron Collins)

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My favorite thing about the new iMac—besides the industrial design—is having the newer version of iPhoto with Faces & Places. Metadata FTW!

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Wow. The new iMac is beautiful! Only took 90 minutes to set everything up how I like it, but the 290GB of data is still transferring.

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Paula Scher designs supergraphics for a Brooklyn middle school. Awesome: /via @bencarmean

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A new 27" iMac arrived at the house first thing this morning. It's going to be a long day at work.

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Happy to see our country move in the right direction, joining the rest of western civilization, in offering health care for all. #hcr

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The USA, as one big neighborhood

I wouldn’t be a fan of the population density of Brooklyn, but this is an interesting perspective on the both the population of the US, and the tremendous area of our country.

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His reward: 1 green Skittle.

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Just recorded @JackWorks using his big-boy potty for the first time. No idea how that just happened since we haven't even been practicing.

@ 5:58 p.m.

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