May 2009

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Charlie Kaufman's beautiful "Synecdoche, New York". His writing is inventive & surreal as ever; direction whipsmart. Will watch again, soon.

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Went to my brother James' graduation in KC today. Ceremony was a little rough, esp with @JackWorks wanting to play & sing. Good times, tho.

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Ditto what he said: "Wishing I could be participating in @djangodash today... Hopefully next year!" (via @davelowe)

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Learning to turn Twitter off when watching sports on delay. @jcroft spoiled the Scripps Spelling Bee & @astroot spoiled the Cavs game. Lame.

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All doing is practicing.

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Status No comments's "Interactive Map" is one of the least-usable, most-frustrating interfaces I use & it keeps getting worse:

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Back from a nice camping trip at Fall River SP w @TonyWorks' fam. Glad to be home, showered & relaxing on the couch. @JackWorks had a blast.

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"Camping is: Taking-Your-Crappiest-Stuff-and-Temporarily-Downsizing-to-the-Trailer-Park." (via @TonyWorks)

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Anyone know where I can find old-school, aluminum-framed lawn chairs for sale? I'm not a fan of the new style "camping" chairs. Bueller?

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Excited to redeem a Xmas 08 present when the new iPhones arrive. @gruber's take on what they'll look like has me giddy:

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Picking up a weekend's worth of camping supplies. Whee!

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Got the 620-page "The Corporate Records Handbook" as a loaner from my brother @TonyWorks. More hours in the day, please! Kthxbai.

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Caught the last 15m, tho (which was more than enough). I've picked the result of every show 'til tonight. Adam had the better voice, fo sho.

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Idol didn't record because DishNetwork finally switched our locals channels to HD (won't complain!) and somehow that screwed up our timers.

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Victorinox Special Edition Airstream

Two of my favorite brands, Airstream and Victorinox, collaborate on the ultimate product for my favorite pastime: road-tripping. At only $59,000, feel free to get this for me for any special occasion.

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Found a short TLD that I really want, but it costs $50 per year. That's a pretty nerdy thing to ask for, too. It will have to wait.

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Whoa: the Golden Ratio for 960px is 593px. Let 593 be the width of a standard 2x3 photo, gives a height of 395. 593 x 395 is a palindrome.

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