05 March 2009

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I've added Netflix rentals to my site. Here's an example: I'll be glad to release the Django code if anyone wants it.

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Yay. My @completemusic account has the new Twitter toolbar!

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Here's a photoset of the community projects that B&W is doing. My brother Tony quickly took these for the NBC producer:

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My dad is going to be featured on NBC Nightly News for a new "Random Acts of Kindness" segment. I wrote about it here:

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Doing good deeds

Growing up in the small town of Humboldt, KS, there was this little welding shop. It was just a two-man operation, there in the late 80s, building trailer hitches for ranchers and farmers. The hitch they made was something different, the first real innovation in that industry. Over the past ...

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jQuery Sparklines

I love both jQuery and I love sparklines, Edward Tufte’s data-rich, word-size graphics, so I’m bound to love this full-featured jQuery plugin for generating sparklines and other small graphics. Can’t wait to use this in practice.