23 February 2009

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I hate when my iTunes shopping cart gets full. There's over $450 worth of music in there. Must buy some music today.

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Tomorrow, in a year is an opera celebrating The Origin of Species' sesquicentennial with music by The Knife. Want!

@ 10:23 a.m.

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Tomorrow, in a year

Tomorrow, in a year is a Darwin opera, celebrating The Origin of Species’ 150-year anniversary, with music by The Knife. > The performance falls into two parts – analogous to the development and publications of The Origin of Species. The first part of the performance concentrates on studying the subelements – the underlying DNA sequences and interrelationships of the image, the narrative, the movement and the music – a kind of micro-biological, morphological study. The second part of the performance is a synthesis where an enclosed totality emerges before once more mutating and passing into new forms made of the same material. New editions appear with echoes in the surrounding world. It debuts in November 2009 in Copenhagen and I’d love to be there.