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Spectacular photos in today's Big Picture. Always love the National Geographic photo contests:

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Conducting a live chat RIGHT NOW with @kstate_pres on our new Django Chats app, Check it out.

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Hello, thunderstorm.

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Sad that I started a diet while Taco Bell is featuring my favorite, the Cheesy Gordita Crunch. Oh, and just before Thanksgiving & Christmas.

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Heckuva sauna tonight. Come the first deep snow of the year I'm gonna go make snow angels in my skivvies. Cos that's how I roll. Snow balls.

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Quiet & dark at work today. I love it. This is why I wish I could work the night shift. Which doesn't exist.

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Awesome. "Let Mr. Blue Sky In" flashmob in my old hometown of Cork, Ireland: Never seen so many people in city centre.

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A week later, the city got its worst flood in 800 years. So sad:

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Owl City & Battle Studies on the drive to Humboldt. The Jeep smells like the four pumpkin pies cooling in the backseat. Happy Thanksgiving.

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Holding @JessaWorks' hand so I'm not tempted to tweet-and-drive. This tweet is ironic.

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Debugging Christmas lights.

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My dad, Joe Works, is a finalist for the 2010 MSN Butterfly Award. If he wins, the $10k prize supports

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Discovered Deas Vail today. Loving them. Reminds me of Mae & Eisley. You can listen to their albums on

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Trying the new, local burger joint — at Big D's Burger Shack

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Men's basketball vs FHSU. The team's wearing sweet camo warmups for Ft Riley day, but the jerse — at Bramlage Coliseum

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Feeling pretty overwhelmed at work. It's nothing my family, a bottle of Hob Nob Shiraz, some sushi & curry chicken can't take care of.

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"I didn't leave the conservative movement. It left me." Andrew Sullivan on the ugly direction of the American right.

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Using multiline CSS for the first time in 4 years. My stylesheet's approaching 900 lines & I'm this close to shooting myself in the face.

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In other words: time to switch back to single-lining my CSS. I also feel like this is the messiest, most-verbose CSS I've written in years.

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Oblo didactic puzzle :: Industrial Design Served

I love this awesome nerdy handmade didactic puzzle. Still a bit too advanced for Jack, but I’d love him to get the hand-eye coordination and problem-solving abilities from a toy like this.

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