August 2008

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Related: Hurricanes are amazing! What power. The death & such are a shame, but fascinating examples of what the Earth is capable of.

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Watching CNN's Gustav coverage. Getting lots of Twitter input/press from @ricksanchezcnn. Very cool. I like.

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Retweet via @nathansmith List of things younger than IE6 List includes the iPod & East Timor. Upgraayyyd already!

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Coworker Evan discovers a Chinese battery that appropriates K-State's Powercat logo and the Star Trek type! Amazing.

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First workout in several months. Lightheaded early, so I got to sit in the sauna for double-time. Nice. Exhausted, though.

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Loads of yardwork today. Feeling a modicum of productivity in an otherwise deadbeat weekend. Fingernails taste like lawn. Must stop biting.

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Catching up on my Big 12 preseason football research. No comment. ESPN Fantasy teams set up in "Kansas State University" groups.

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